The Speech Of The General Manager​​

Our company is over than 40 years old, continuously active and in ongoing innovations to reach this size which was so humble at the beginnings then developed to become Al Hamad Trading and Contracting Co. one of the fewest Saudi companies which contributed in performing of international projects in addition to its big contribution in performing of lots of developing projects in our country for the period of the last 40 years.

As much as we are proud of our company establisher as we are proud of and grateful for the efforts of the loyal staff and their various experiences, also we are proud that we built such a staff who contributed and still contributing in this great achievement.

What we count on after we count on Allah Almighty glory be to him in continuation and developing of this achievement we count on our coming generations of our qualified sons in this field to work in this company in an enthusiasm to go on the journey to keep on going up to a better future by the guidance of Allah Almighty.

Services We Offer

Al Hamad Trading and Contracting Co. is one of the leading Trading & Contracting company in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and we provide our clients with highest quality services.

Our Clients

Our clients include government and semi government organizations, public & private sectors. Checkout some of the reputed clients are