About Us

Working as a team​

Al Hamad Trading and Contracting Company focuses on building a diverse work team since it has big number of employees; engineers and technicians specialized in the field of construction engineering and consultancy engineering and manufacturing thus it has integrated staff for all kinds of projects.
The company gained its big reputation throughout big achievements. The company is seeking always to develop its staff and recruit the best qualified individuals and keep them up to date with all changes anddevelopments internationally through many ways like conducting training courses regularly and enjoying qualified staff abroad.
The company’s goal is to keep going forward for the higher ranks internationally in this field within the coming few years by the willing and grace ofAllah Almighty.

Technical & Managerial Capabilities

Al Hamad Trading and Contracting Company owns lots of the latest modern equipmentand machinery as well as it has a capable staff technically and managerially besides the financial capabilities and long experiences in the labor and production market, therefore it was capable to perform and achieve lots of big and various projects within and outside the kingdom.

The company owns as well lots of equipment and machinery for the constructions sector. Its main goal it to provide its high level services in an effective way in the field of constructions and contracting in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia